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I Can Vape Anywhere…Right? E-cig Ban

November 25, 2013

Would a blanket ecig ban throw thousands of lives into chaos?
Danny from Blackhat E-Cigs
Since the transistor radio went on sale in 1945, generations of willing buyers around the world have entered into the world of personal electronic devices (PEDs). In the following years, the portable cassette player (I prefer boombox or ghetto blaster!), Sony Walkman, Sony Discman, cellular phone, and iPod have all changed our lives considerably. Something as simple as having tunes at your beck and call, or being able to dial whoever you want whenever you want changed people’s lives! Does such sweeping change come at a cost? As Uncle Ben from the Spider Man comics once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Most would hardly call a cell phone great power, but you can easily see that power being exercised when some loudmouth is yapping at ridiculous volumes at inappropriate places. You know who I’m talking about – that guy who answers his phone in the movie theater during the movie. Ok, that’s not so bad, but then he proceeds to have a conversation! That person has just used his great power to thoroughly distract and annoy everyone around him. Ever hear the phrase, “Spandex is a privilege, not a right?” Well, if you haven’t heard it, you may have experienced it! I’m sure by this time you’re asking, “What’s your point, dude?” We, as part of the vapor culture over 800,000 strong in the U.S. alone, have to recognize our power. We’ve turned our backs on big tobacco and are looking towards a tastier, more convenient, and tobacco free future. There’s a lot of speculation and debate over the e-cig, and the last thing we need is the equivalent of 800,000 movie theater talkers in the electronic community. Just because it’s vapor doesn’t mean it’s always ok to whip that thing out and start sucking on it. Umm, ok, that totally came out wrong. Let me try this again: I recently went to a theme park, and while waiting in line (outdoors), I casually started puffing on my e-cig. A very polite and informative park attendant quickly strode over to me and let me know that there was no smoking in line. Of course I proudly (and somewhat smarmily) pointed out that I had an e-cigarette! He then informed me that there was an ecig ban in waiting lines. He went on to explain that tobacco smokers see someone essentially smoking, and assume that they can light up, much to the discomfort of the non smokers stuck in close proximity to them. As badly as I wanted to point out the fact that I was exhaling vapor, and that my fellow waiters-in-line would enjoy the scent of my special strawberry hookah, ‘nilla cake, and buttered popcorn mix (Don’t judge me! It’s delicious!) I simply said, “I understand. Sorry about that, thank you” and put my e-cig back in my pocket.


That’s what we have to have, for others, and ourselves, in order for the e-cig movement to continue forward. Those who aren’t part of our ranks would love to call us selfish and unconcerned with anyone else around us, but let’s deny them that pleasure. If the sign says no, be cool. More and more establishments are implementing electronic cigarette bans, and you have to play by the rules. If the barista at Starbucks tells you they don’t allow use of e-cigs inside or on the patio, be cool. Those who oppose or don't understand the electronic cigarette movement will see that we're a pretty good group. Do your best to constantly be an ambassador from our side to theirs.


For your protection and knowledge, Orange Park recently passed an ordinance banning the use of electronic cigarettes in any public areas where smoking analog cigarettes is prohibited. The ecig ban they have implemented an immediate "no warning" first offense fine of $100 if you are caught in a public "smoking prohibited" area using an e-cig. I have been unable to find the actual ordinance listed on their site, but this may be due to it being a recent ruling. If you have any useful information or would just like to comment on your feeling over this, please post in the comments. Also, if you know of any other proposed locations or active bans, please post them for everyones knowledge. Thank you.

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