WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Manuals & FAQs

Thank you for visiting our vape shop, here you will find information about the usage and maintenance of our e-cigarettes and accessories. If you still don't find the answers you're looking for below please visit forums such as ecig forum, new smoke or vaporboards to find the information you need. Use all the information from forums with caution as it is user submitted.

We are currently in the process of updating the information and manuals in this section. Some of the information pertains to our older kits. Please check back soon for updates and look at product pages for general use information.


Special Notes

  • While drawing slowly into the mouth (not the lungs) push the button on the battery for apx. 3 - 8 seconds then inhale.
  • Only depress the button on the battery when using otherwise the atomizer will overheat and cause an undesirable taste.
  • Keep the e cigarette tilted slightly downward when using. This will keep the e liquid in the atomizer and not in your mouth.
  • Make sure to keep the e liquid topped off in the cartridge. Smoke about 1 - 2 cigarettes worth before adding around 3 - 4 drops.
  • When vapor production is inadequate, recharge the battery by screwing it onto the supplied charger and plugging it in.
  • Never carry the battery and atomizer connected unless they are stored securely in a hard cigarette case. Doing so will cause the device to activate unintentionally and void the warranty. Only connect while using.
  • NEVER bite down on the cartridge as it could cause it to rupture or come apart. Although rare, if this happens when inhaling, a part could be inhaled and medical attention should be sought immediately. Rinse all liquid from your mouth and skin and seek medical attention if ingested.
  • Never use an atomizer dry (without e-liquid) as it could cause damage to the device.
  • Use as you would a regular cigarette and allow "cool down" periods. Not doing so will shorten the life of your battery and could irreversibly damage the unit. Try not to inhale more than once every 10 to 20 sec as it will overheat the liquid and could cause an undesirable taste.
  • Cartridges can become warped over time with general use and should not be used more than 10 to 20 refills. Once warped leakage can occur between the atomizer and cartridge in which case the cartridge will need replaced.
  • Unhooking the atomizer and placing it vertically on a paper towel for several hours (over night) can pull old e liquid out of it and improve the taste. Just be sure to add a couple drops when you start using it again.
  • Cleaning of the atomizer is done by dissembling and blowing in the battery side (brass threaded side) of the atomizer with your mouth or canned air and flushing (using a squeeze bottle or syringe) with high proof vodka or grain alcohol 3-4 times. Blow out and let dry on a paper towel for 4 hrs. Repeat until undesired flavor is not present. Allow to dry for at least 2 hrs on a paper towel before use. Always make sure anything used to work with the parts is clean and sterile. If you want to conserve and reuse the alcohol, make sure to pre-rinse the atomizer with distilled or purified water.
  • Another cleaning method involves flushing the atomizer out in a sink with hot water for 30 secs (holding with tweasers or pliers), blowing out and repeating if needed. A combination of both methods (water followed by alcohol) might be necessary in some instances. If you are in an area with hard water it is best not to use this method or use a purifying attachment for your sink.
  • The cartridges can be cleaned by removing the filler "liquid holder" with sterile tweasers, laying on a clean paper towel and blotting or squishing it. This might be sufficient in most cases but if the flavor is still present, allowing to soak in high proof vodka or grain alcohol for 10-15 min followed by blotting/drying should remove the flavor. Allow to dry for at least 30 min before use. Always make sure anything used to work with the parts is clean and sterile. Flushing with distilled or purified water is also effective.

Tips and Tricks

  • If flavor gets old when you use it too much or it is too overwhelming by itself try mixing it with one of the tobacco flavors. If the e liquid has too much nicotine try mixing it with and e liquid with less nicotine in it to reach the right concentration. You can either use mixer bottles or empty e liquid bottles.
  • It is important to always make sure the cartridge fibers are in contact with the metal mesh in the atomizer. Over time the fibers can get pushed down into the cartridge. Instead of replacing the cartridge the fibers can be pulled upwards with tweasers, needle or thin metal object (sterile).
  • Alternating use of multiple e cigs can extend the life of the batteries and atomizers. It can also keep your atomizers tasting better. If you tend to use an e cigarette often in a certain location like at the computer or in the car, it's a good idea to have a passthrough plugged in at that location so it's always ready and charged.
  • If you're not using your e cigarette, try keeping it leaning on something or on a folded paper towel. Although e cigs are designed to not leak, sometimes when you set them on a horizontal surface the liquid may come out. Putting it on a paper towel can also help drain the cartridge and atomizer of old liquid.
  • When using a cartridge for a while (3-5 days) the nicotine tends to concentrate and darken the liquid and change the taste. This happens because it's easier for the atomizer to vaporize the other ingredients and leave some nicotine behind. Cleaning or replacing cartridges is just as important as cleaning the atomizer if you want to keep your vapor tasting good.
  • A method called "dripping" can be used to vape without a cartridge but it involves a special mouthpiece and you must add a couple of drops of e liquid every so often to keep the atomizer wet. Some people use empty cartridges (without the fiber filler material) for this method. It's ideal if you like to switch flavors and don't want to taste the previous flavor.


Q: Why does my e cigarette taste funny?

A: Most of the time this means you simply need to add more e-liquid or change the cartridge. Refill or change the cartridge and wait for about 30 seconds before using. If the problem continues for more than 5-10 puffs after being refilled you should try cleaning the atomizer and or cartridge by following the instructions in the manual section. If the taste is still undesirable, the atomizer might need replacement. Some people also find the taste of higher strength e-liquid too harsh so try buying some weaker stuff to see if it helps.

Q: Why does it say poison with skull and crossbones on the bottle?

A: As stated on the bottom of product pages of our website: "Our products contain nicotine which is poisonous in high doses. Do not use if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Keep away from children and animals. See Conditions of Use for more details."