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Vape Stores in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Vapor Shops

We have seen a lot of Jacksonville Vapor Shops pop up over the last year. There had been some options prior, such as the mall kiosks and tobacco shops. Unfortunately they were, and are selling low quality and over priced ecigs and accessories. Also, they are not offering any help or guidance to their customers. So what should you look for in a Jacksonville vapor shop?

Vaping in Jacksonville has come a long way since the introduction of the e-cig. Not only have a number of Jacksonville Vape Shops opened, but also the recognition of a smoking alternative is growing exponentially. While health benefits are not provable yet, there have been many studies, and more are being conducted everyday to test if e-cigs can be a safer alternative. Until that is proven one way or another, the one thing we know, is that with a little shopping around, e-cigs can be dramatically cheaper. Also, I have had a ton of people tell me that not only can they taste more, smell more, and have more energy, but also they no longer reek of smoke.

The best and worst parts of all of the new Jacksonville Vapor stores opening, is the amount of information and support they do or don’t offer. I have heard of people going into other Jacksonville vape stores and being turned away because their electronic cigarettes are from somewhere else. This seems absurd not only as a retailer, but also someone trying to push the vaping community forward and pulling them together, these shops are creating a divide. At Blackhat we are always happy to help explain or troubleshoot problems with your e-cig, and we don’t care where you got it. There are some other Vape Shops in Jacksonville that will do the same, and we applaud them for it. What we as retailers need to do, is embrace the community, offer any assistance we can, and always try to push for new knowledge.

Luckily, more and more vapers in North Florida and South-east Georgia are starting to learn and understand the importance of quality when it comes to vaping. Not only in the quality of the products, but also in the quality and knowledge of the staff.

I think some Jacksonville Vapor shops are definitely moving in the right direction, and in time, the rest of them will either follow or fail. Just remember, as a customer and consumer, always ask questions, always compare prices, and always pay attention to quality. And most importantly, Vape on!

Blackhat E Cigarettes
1190 Edgewood Ave. S.
Jacksonville, FL 32205
Store hours: Mon-Sat, 11am-7pm

Tel: 904.638.5880
Fax: 904.693.6999

Blackhat Vapor Shop
31 Sailfish Dr. E
Jacksonville, FL 32233
Store hours: Mon-Sat, 11am-7pm

Tel: 904.339.8273

Jacksonville Vapor Shop Blackhat Electronic Cigarettes.
The BEST Jacksonville vapor Shop


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