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How Celebrities Vaping Has Boosted E-cig Sales

November 07, 2013

Celebrities Vaping has Boosted Sales 10 Fold

Sales of electronic cigarettes, labeled as a 'healthy' option to smoking cigarettes, have actually risen tenfold in 2012, as celebrities vaping has made puffing away 'cool' again. Endorsements from celebrities vaping have been credited as one of the aspects behind new sales figures showing a boost from $14 million in 2012 to $140 million in 2013. Business selling e-cigs are also generating sales from e-cigs being allowed on commercials regardless of a 50-year-long ban on television ads for cigarettes.  Actress Jenny McCarthy, in an ad for e-cigarette company BluCigs, is one of many celebrities vaping. Images portraying smoking of electronic options side-step the ban as the products, unlike genuine cigarettes, do not include tar or carbon monoxide gas. Celebrities vaping, such as Steven Dorff and Jenny McCarthy have just recently appeared in television ads for e-cigarettes, and both Kate Moss and Simon Cowell have been spotted puffing away on them too. Consuming e-cigarettes, referred to as 'vaping', allows cigarette smokers to inhale nicotine vapors without exposing their bodies to hazardous elements of a regular cigarette. In the UK, 25 per cent of all efforts to kick the habit are made using e-cigarettes, making it the most popular quitting aid. Around 1.3 million Britons use battery-powered e-cigarettes, and purchases of the alternative to cigs are predicted to increase to ₤193 million by the end of the year, striking ₤339 million every year by 2015, according to customer analyst Nielsen.  Not cooling off: The item, which is utilized by 1.3 million Brits is ever-growing in appeal with a number of famous faces endorsing the product as a "healthier" smoking alternative. The star of Blade, Stephen Dorff likewise stars in ecig ads, looking like the timeless black-and-white Marlboro Man ads from the 1950s. In July, the makers of Lucky Strike became the first tobacco company to launch a variety of electric cigarettes in the UK. Tobacco companies, which are experiencing a long-lasting decline in need for factory-manufactured cigarettes, are transferring to profit the brand-new trend,' Andy Morton, UK commercial director of Nielsen. However, not everyone is excited by the increase of the e-cigarettes. Michael Bloomberg, New york city mayor, wishes to clear his city of both genuine cigarettes and the electronic option. Recent leaked drafts of three bills related to tobacco regulation are anticipated to be introduced into the City board indicate that Bloomberg's planning to control e-cigs into extinction. Sales of electronic cigarettes are already prohibited in Norway, Singapore and Brazil, among others, and France is set to enforce the same limitations on ecigs as on routine smokes.  Holy smokes: Medical regulators are forecasting that electronic cigarettes might help save 57,000 British lives over the next ten years. Amanda Sandford, research manager for ASH (Action on Smoking Cigarettes and Health), stated:
'If smokers want to try electronic cigarettes as an alternative to cigarettes then these products might be attractive because they are economical and do not include a huge financial expense. However, we would encourage people who wish to stop smoking to speak with their doctor or pharmacologist and use accredited nicotine replacement products as these have a proven track record as effective helps to stopping.'
The UK's medicine regulative body, Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, is forecasting that e-cigarettes can aid 57,000 British lives over the next decade. According to the MHRA, researches suggest some e-cigarettes possibly have some damaging pollutants and there has actually been an anecdotal report of a user suffering facial burns after one exploded. Although e-cigarettes seem to be an effective alternative 'the long-term health of these elements to the customer remains uncertain', it said.

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