Blackhat eGo Micro-USB Passthrough Battery

This latest eGo passthrough style battery is the most reliable and durable battery we have ever offered. The battery has a 5-click on of feature making it safe to carry when not in use.  In addition to easy charging, the eGo battery can be used while charging. There is a red light that turns on at the tip and turns off when it's fully charged. It should take about 2-3 hours to fully charge. The battery can then be unhooked from the charger and used as a regular e-cigarette battery which lasts about 1.3 days for the 900mah.


  • Use with any 510 or eGo Threaded Clearomizers. 
  • The charger cable is sold separately. See it here
  • To put the battery in safe mode (won't activate when button is pushed) press the button 5 times at a medium pace. Do the same to turn it back on.

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