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Quality is the Top Priority at Blackhat Electronic Cigarettes. Your #1 Jacksonville Vapor Shop

August 02, 2013

When it comes to smoking cigarettes, quantity is often one of the foremost factors playing into the decision process while making a purchase. Cigarettes go quick, and the more you smoke the faster they go. For many people, constant need to replenish cigarettes is enough to drive down the quality of smokes they are able to buy. When you make the switch to e-cigarettes your priorities make a shift as well. Instead of thinking about how many, you can finally take a step back and start thinking quality. This is why Blackhat Electronic Cigarettes is the number one Jacksonville Vapor shop, and we are constantly pushing the e-cig industry to provide our customers the best vaping experience there is.

Whether searching online in the U.S. or looking for a local Jacksonville Vape Shop, your shift to e-cigs should start with Blackhat electronic cigarettes. For new to vaping, start with a comprehensive kit such as the 510 kit or the Blackhat eGo Passthrough kit. These kits include all of the essentials that you need to give e-cigarettes a fair try, including two e-cigarettes, clearomizers, a charging cable, USB wall adapter (510 kit), and replaceable cores for the Passthrough kit. Or for the more experienced vaper looking for a great upgrade the Sigelei Zmax V3 or iTatse MVP V2 kits will get you where you need to be.

The Blackhat kits started out basic, but overtime have changed to accommodate an enhanced user experience. The e-liquids have changed to feature better quality taste and vapor production. And now with five liquid brands and growing, such as Mobster, Mob-X, High Caliber, Feel Life, and Rex, and a total of over 80 different flavors, you will have plenty of great options to choose from. The design of the e-cigarettes have been tested and redesigned for quality, durability and life. The functionality of the e-cigarette has been perfected so that with each use you will know exactly what to expect as the vapor simulates the experience of a traditional cigarette.

Blackhat E-Cigarettes offers something that other e-cigarette manufacturers aren’t able to, and that is high quality products at incredibly low prices. The Blackhat line of e-cigarettes is simple. Our philosophy is to find a product that works and perfect it. By keeping our standards high, we are able to offer incredible discounts on our products without sacrificing quality. That is the Blackhat Electronic Cigarettes promise. Of course, everyone has their own preferences and Blackhat is ready to accommodate those preferences by offering a large variety of different devices and e-liquids. You can try a selection of e-liquids until you find one that is just the right strength and flavor for your needs. If you haven’t found a flavor you prefer yet, check back soon, as more flavors are being added regularly to the Blackhat collection.

Making the shift from traditional cigarettes to the electronic variety is stressful for many people, but Blackhat Electronic Cigarettes can help you with this transition by optimizing your experience. From ergonomic design of the product to the flavor of the vapor as you exhale, you will find that Blackhat has taken electronic cigarettes to the next level, ultimately enhancing your entire vaping experience. So if you are online visiting our website or looking for a local Jacksonville Vape shop, Blackhat Electronic Cigarettes is the the best source for your needs.

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