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  • Rise of the Jacksonville Vaping Shop

    The Rise of the Vapor Store in Jax

    Only a year ago, you may have noticed new storefronts popping up in Jacksonville with names like "A-1 Vapor" or "Vapor 4 Life". From Blanding to the Beach, one thing they all had in common was a word - vapor. The e-cig industry changes fast, and in the past year the term "vape" has eclipsed the fledgling term "vapor" Even the Oxford Dictionary company named "vape" the 2014 word of the year! E-cig sales are set to hit $1.7 BILLION this year! So now we have the rise of the Jacksonville Vape Shop, but what exactly does that mean?

    Cloud contest at a vape shop. width=

    The rise of the Jacksonville vapor shop is many things. Earlier this year, we posted a blog about the e-cig community and how vaping has brought thousands of people together with a common cause. That community has become even closer in the face of potential action against it by the FDA. People have credited e-cigs with changing their lives (myself included) and now they band together in solidarity. Jacksonville Vape shops have become more than just brick and mortar purveyors of vaping gear. A lot like the long running TV show, Cheers, regular customers stop by their favorite vaping shop after work to pick up some of their favorite e-liquid, check out new gear, or just kick back and have a puff with the crew running the shop. Some vape shops have "Vape Meets" where fellow vapers gather to enjoy each others company, win prizes, or even participate in "Cloud Contests" to see who can chuck the biggest, thickest plume. The vape shops in Jacksonville, Florida still exist to make money, but now it's more than that - it's a meeting place for all things e-cigarette and the people that love them. So we know that vapor stores have evolved into vape shops, but how has the technology changed?

    Electronic cigarettes have come a loooooong way since the humble days of the disposable 510. In the beginning choices were few and, in retrospect, unimpressive. Color options were limited to a futuristic matte black or tobacco cigarette white with (genuine simulated filter) tan. You could have a sort of tobacco flavored liquid and maybe some vaguely fruity tasting option. You chose between a button activated or automatic battery. Maybe you had the option of what color LED illuminated the end of your "artificial cigarette". That was about it.

    How far we've come.

    Jacksonville Vape Shop Mods The selection of mechanical mods is growing every day at Blackhat!

    Choices today are as plentiful as leaves on a mature oak tree and range from conventional to downright bizarre! Everything from variable voltage options, vibrant or subdued color finishes to mods and premium gourmet e-liquid is yours for experimentation. It is a good time to be a vaper, my friend! E-cigs have broken away from remotely attempting to resemble tobacco cigarettes. Many vapers have setups that reflect their personality and sense of style. If you can think of a color, there's a battery finish or clearomizer option to match. If you change your mind, there are even custom cut adhesive wraps to change your battery color or pattern. Once exotic and rare, LCD displays on batteries are now commonplace in vape shops, providing vital stats on battery life, voltage, and resistance. I've even seen a bluetooth mod complete with cell phone app! Conveniences like pass-through capability makes dead or dying batteries almost a thing of the past. Now you can charge while you vape!

    Jacksonville Vape Shop E-liquid A creamy blend with a kiss of strawberry, Goat's Milk is delish!

    Mods have exploded on the scene, appealing to the tinkerers to build and customize coils to exacting preferences and vaping experiences. With these high powered precision vapes, modders can reduce visibility in any room with a single puff. And the e-liquid varieties!! Hundreds of manufacturers have broken the mold, venturing away from the humdrum "blueberry" and "banana" conventions. Premium liquid manufacturers with the likes of "Cinnamon Roll" and "Strawberries and Cream" have pushed the envelope with creative custom recipes with names like "Skyline", "Butter Berry", and even Blackhat's own "Goats Milk".

    Jacksonville vaping shops are racing to keep up with the best and newest offerings out there and we all get to benefit! Along with the tech, an ever growing population of vapers expands together bringing a sense of community and belonging to everyone involved. I'm sure you have your own go-to Jacksonville vapor store where everybody knows your name.

  • Rebuildable Coils for Beginners: Part 2

    Building Your Own Coil

    Building your own coil seems like a daunting task at first - requiring the careful touch of a surgeon, with the knowledge of a mathematician. Well fear not! This is definitely not the case. Sure, rebuildable coils need time and a little bit of practice to master, but once you learn the basics you can become a rebuilding pro yourself. From drippers to rebuildable tanks, rebuildable coils are all based on the same core concepts. If you like working with your hands, and don't mind putting some time into a new hobby, you will love building your own coils. Rebuildable atomizers (RBAs) allow you to get more flavor, vapor, and satisfaction from your vaping experience. Impress your friends, get that attractive coworker to finally notice you, or perhaps just scare some people! With Rebuildable coil setups, you can do it all.

    The IPV2 variable wattage mod adjustable to 50 watts! The IPV 2 in stores now and online soon!

    Now at first it can be a little difficult, and your first few coils may not be the best, but that's all a part of practice.There are a few rules to follow so as to not injure yourself and get the best working rebuildable coil you can. There are two power source types that are best for rebuildable coil setups: Mechanical mods and high wattage box mods. I would stay away from using regular batteries, such as a normal ego style battery or even an MVP variable battery for example. Those batteries don't have the power level you will need, and you risk the chance of shorting out the battery and ruining it. Mechanical mods are exactly that - mechanical. The only electronics involved are the 18mm batteries you put in them. They function by completing the battery circuit, causing the power to flow to your RBA. In most mechanical mods they allow you to shorten the device to accommodate a shorter battery such as a 18350. Most will accept an 18350, 18500, or 18650. To get the most life and power it is best to get an 18650, running at at least 30 amps.

    High drain batteries for rebuildable coil setups 18650, 18500, and 18350 batteries.

    I'm sure most of you reading this may have heard of ohms at some point in your life. Your ohm level indicates what resistance your rebuildable coil is running at. The lower the resistance, the more power will flow through the coil. With mechanical mods your resistance level usually should be below 1 ohm, which is called sub-ohming. You will get better performance because the battery in your mod will be ale to produce more power with less resistance. Beware of going too low, if your resistance gets below .1 ohms you may risk battery venting or overheating, due to the battery itself not being able to keep up with the resistance. This is fairly dangerous, as most experienced builders and I will tell you. For safety purposes it's best to stick above .2 ohms for your mechanical. Going below that usually requires a more powerful mechanical mod, using a 26650 battery. But stick above that level and you will still get the results you want without risking the health of your hands and mouth.

    The next best bet for rebuildable coil setups is high wattage mods. Most will come in the form of a box, called box mods. Pretty creative, eh? Alot of box mods will be variable,which means you can control the amount of power it is putting out. This is great for rebuilding, because you have more leeway with how you build your coils. I find I like high ohm builds, which is pretty much anything above 1 ohm. Using a DNA 30 or an IPV 2 50 watt box mod will give you the best result with this, and you can get great flavor and vapor production out of it. The reason higher ohm builds work so well with these mods is because instead of the resistance controlling power production, the mod itself controls it. There are many box mods out there, and with a little practice you can even make your own, but that's a lesson for another time.

    Rebuildable coil ohm reader An ohm reader is key to a good build

    You're almost ready for rebuilding! Feel free to watch the video above to get an in depth look into how the coil is actually built, and how it performs. Make sure to do your research, as the online vaping world has lots of information and forums dedicated to the rebuildable realm. It's definitely the way to go if you're looking to improve and revamp your vaping experience, and it can be a lot of fun. Remember always follow the law of ohms, because if it seems like it could cause a problem, it probably will. Keep up with our blog for more information on rebuildable coils and other tips and tricks!


    Happy vaping!

  • Rebuildable Coils for Beginners: Part 1

    Rebuildable coils: Micro, nano, sub... single, dual, twisted... what does it all mean?!?

    Coil building is a labor of love for some. Knowing what you want out of the build and having the right tools is a good place to start. Want bigger plumes of vapor? Want more flavor? Want a hotter or cooler vape? There is a build for just about every want these days.

    Every electronic cigarette creates vapor using the same basic method: A coil of resistance wire is wrapped around a wicking material. The wicking material (usually cotton or silica) sucks up the e-liquid (much in the same way a candle wick sucks up melted wax) and electricity is passed through the resistance wire coil. The coil heats up, heats the e-liquid, and you have delicious vapor!

    Just a beautiful Rebuildable Coil A single parallel rebuildable coil.

    Coils are as diverse and differentiating as there are types of car engines. Your average commuter might drive a conservative 4 cylinder, while muscle car fans might like the punch of a big block V8! The same idea applies to coils. Most vapers buy pre-made coils from their favorite vape shop or website. Then there are the advanced users - the modders, the hobbyists. These guys use rebuildable coils. RBA's (Rebuildable Atomizers), RTA's (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers), and RDA's (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) require the user to physically wrap the resistance wire into coils.

    Now why would anyone want to go through that amount of trouble? The answer is simple: CUSTOMIZATION! When you build your own coil, you're in direct control of how hot or cold your atomizer burns. The results can range from super hot rebuildable coils that can produce enough vapor to haze out a living room, to cooler rebuildable coils that let you embrace every facet of flavor from your favorite e-liquid.

    Rebuildable Coils: Beauty in the basics A dual rebuildable coil

    Most rebuildable coils and atomizers they're housed in require using a mod style battery setup. Essentially a mod is a modified battery housing to be used with a high capacity, high output battery. Heating up these monster rebuildable coils needs a beefed up battery setup! We all have to remember the wise words of Peter Parker's Uncle Ben: "With great power comes great responsibility." Rebuildable Coils require that you take care while you tinker. Remember you're dealing with electricity and really hot metal!! Ok, moving on:

    Customization! (Remember that from earlier?) So you've moved up to wanting to make your own rebuildable coils. Which coil do you create? That's a good question, and there's more answers than you can imagine. Most advanced vapers start out with a simple single coil.

    Twisted Vaper Rebuildable Coil A single coil using two pieces of wire. The result: half the resistance!

    One coil of resistance wire, one strand of wicking material. It's simple, effective, and does the trick. Then there's the vapers I call "The Gamblers" - they like to double down and build dual coils! Two coils - twice the firepower - half the resistance. That means a hotter burn and more vapor. It just goes on from there. I've seen quad coils (four rebuildable coils and monster clouds), dragon coils, Danny wicks, twisted/braided wire; the list is endless! There are many options for wire and wick. Both have a huge impact on the vapor production and flavor as well. Everyone has a preference to what they like and what works the best. Odds are, once you jump into the world of modding and rebuildable coils, you'll come up with your own unique way to design your own rebuildable coil.

    Stick around for our post on exactly HOW to create your own rebuildable coil and reach a whole new level of vaping!

  • 4th of July Swag Bag Giveaway: Panzer/Stingray

    Looks like it's going to be a cloudy 4th of July, because Blackhat Vape Shop is dropping another TWO Swag Bag Giveaways! These sweet giveaways include:

    • A sweet Panzer from Tobeco
    • A slick Stillaire atomizer by Infinite
    • An Efest 18650 35A battery
    • An Efest SODA dual bay charger
      with a 30ml bottle of Blackhat liquid to top it all off!
    • A super slick black Stingray from HCigar
    • A beautiful Tobh atomizer by Infinite
    • An Efest 18650 35A battery
    • An Efest SODA dual bay charger
      with a 30ml bottle of Blackhat liquid to top it all off!

    Tobeco Panzer
    Blackhat's Panzer Giveaway

    HCigar Stingray
    Stingray Giveaway

    These firecrackers are each worth over $130!

    To enter, like our page, like the pic, share the pic!
    Cutoff time is 5PM July 16, and then we'll tally up the results!

    Good luck and Happy Vaping!

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