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What is an E Cigarette?


The electronic cigarette was created as an effective smokeless alternative to conventional tobacco products. Instead of smoke, an E-cigarette vaporizes a liquid solution giving the user nicotine, flavor, visual simulation and similar feel of real smoke.

An E-cig consists of three main components; a battery, A coil or "atomizer", and a tank or cartridge, (cartridges being the older style system for holding liquid). There are many variations of all three E-cig components, some made for compact size, some made for longer periods of use between charges, and some made for maximum flavor and vapor production. Whatever your needs are for vaping, be it something simple to just use in place of smoking a cigarette, something a little more advanced so you can adjust the power output to control the flavor and vapor production, or something very advanced so you can build your own coils in an atomizer and start "chucking clouds" to the envy of all your friends, we have what you want, to get you there.

Why Blackhat Vapor?


Since 2009, our Jacksonville based vapor shop has been dedicated to supplying you with the finest electronic cigarettes, e liquid and accessories in the world. We have worked hand in hand with manufacturers over the years, to design and provide the best and most durable products on the market. Caring deeply about the quality of our product, just as much as we do about your satisfaction from using them, we always give 200% to maintaining both, all while bringing them to you at the most competitive prices we can manage.. .

Why buy e cigs from our vape shop in Jacksonville, FL?


The electronic cigarette is a breakthrough in technology that's been due for a long time. It now gives smokers the option of getting the nicotine they need without the smoke and tar in regular cigarettes. E cigarettes don't leave any odor behind so you immediately feel the freedom from the smell of an ashtray on everything around you. With the rising cost of cigarettes it makes even more "cents" to make the switch. E cigs can be up to 75% cheaper than regular cigarettes. The flavor and strength selection of e liquids give you a new experience on a daily basis and allow you to taper your nicotine consumption as needed.

How do I use it ?


Electronic cigarettes are a relatively new technology and we are always finding ways to make the smokeless experience a more enjoyable one. Although it is called an electronic cigarette it has some major differences in use when compared to conventional cigarettes. Many first time users make some common assumptions in what they expect from e cigs. It won't be just like a cigarette but hopefully we can help make them closely simulate the real thing. Along with the user's manual, here are a few things that will help you have an enjoyable experience as an e cigarette owner.