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The Kanger T3S Clearomizer and Why It's Awesome!

 Kanger T3S Clearomizer Kanger T3S Clearomizer


The Kanger T3S clearomizer is quite possibly one of the best clearomizers I've had the pleasure of using. The 3mL capacity means that I rarely have to refill it during the day, even during my heaviest vaping times (at the bar, don't judge me!).  Just like the Rolling Stones' song, "She comes in colors everywhere...she's a rainbow". Everyone has some sense of fashion, and now you can mix and match colors to reflect your mood, outfit, or Hogwarts class you always imagined yourself part of.  Personally, I'm feeling a little Hufflepuff right now. I also use different colored tanks to differentiate my favorite flavors.  I hate grabbing an e-cig, expecting to taste Snozzberry (trademark pending) and getting cinnamon instead!  With a colored tank as a visual indicator, flavor mix-ups are a thing of the past!

Kanger T3S core Kanger T3S core


So what else is great about this little piece of vaping heaven?  Like our other Evod clearomizers, the T3S has a sturdy metal connector that lends itself to increased durability for all the connecting components.  Also, it uses the same replaceable T3S cores as the Aro and Davide. We all know that replaceable cores mean money saved and flavor preserved (and the peasants rejoiced!).  Personally, I always use a 1.8 ohm core to maximize flavor and vapor production. The clear tank design means easier filling due to the high visibility design, especially at night. Evod/Aro users know what I'm talking about.

What else is there to say about the T3S?  You should get one!  At the very least, take one for a test drive.  If you live in the greater Jacksonville area, stop in the best Jacksonville Vape Shop known as Blackhat Electronic Cigarette Mothership and take a T3S for a spin!

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