Kanger Subtank Coils 5 pack Ni

Kanger Subtank coils

These replacement coils both feature stainless steel housings and organic cotton. We offer two varieties: Ni200 (0.15 ohm 20w - 45w) and Kanthal (0.5 ohm 15w - 30w), both featuring stainless steel housing, and Japanese organic cotton. Only available in five packs.


Rebuildable Atomizers and Advanced Mods are for advanced users!
If you are inexperienced but interested in rebuildables, there is a plethora of information on the internet about proper use and precautions. You are strongly urged to fully educate yourself on the art of rebuildables before attempting to try it for yourself.

All Rebuildable Atomizers, Advanced Mods, and unprotected batteries are sold AS-IS, and Blackhat does not assume any responsibility for accidents associated with their use or handling.

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