Blackhat Micro USB Starter Kit

Blackhat Micro USB Starter Kit

The Blackhat Micro USB Passthrough kit is the product of our constant search for the most reliable equipment on the market, at a price well below what any other company is offering. The (eGo) style USB Passthrough Batteries are a product of our own unique design. You won't see these batteries anywhere else. A reinforced crimp at the connection point, eliminating separation. 

**NOTE: Due to manufacturing issues, we will be phasing out the magnetic batteries and replacing them with standard micro USB batteries.  We will instead be offering only 900mAh eGo batteries in stainless steel and black. We apologize for any inconvenience**

The EVOD clearomizers included with the kit are built to last, for even the clumsiest of vapers. With a combination metal and polycarbonate tank, and a metal threaded base, the EVOD is a solid and durable clearomizer and is virtually leak proof when used properly. The coils included are low resistance 1.8ohm, which allow for consistent and great vapor production, and last about 1-2 weeks before needing to be replaced.

We hope you enjoy this latest addition to the Blackhat family, and as always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Kit Contents :

  • 2 x 900mah Micro USB passthrough batteries
  • 2 x EVOD clearomizers
  • 3 x 1.8 ohm Replacement Coils
  • 1 x Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 x Medium case


Replacement coils can be purchased HERE. 



  1. This kit does not come with e-liquid. Please be sure to purchase some, if you don't already have any. We recommend a PG to VG ratio of 70:30 - 50:50, which are the ratios all of our liquids come in, and we’ve found to work most effectively with the included tanks.
  2. Our Micro USB passtrhough batteries have a 5 click safety feature, to ensure they won’t burn cores or liquid prematurely. Click the button 5 times at a medium pace in order to lock the battery (won't activate or light up when button is pushed). Do the same thing to turn it back on. We recommend locking the batteries any time you will be storing your e-cigs in a pocket, purse, or case. If you are planning to store your e-cigs in the case for an extended period of time, or pack the case in your luggage for a trip, make sure to lock the batteries AND disconnect the clearomizers.
  3. To fill it with liquid, or replace the coil in your EVOD, first unscrew the clearomizer from the battery, then while holding the clearomizer upside down (mouthpiece towards the ground), unscrew the base of the clearomizer from the tank. The coil will be screwed into the base and can be replaced by unscrewing it from the base, and putting a new one in. Make sure when replacing the coil that you screw it into the base tightly. Once the base is separated from the tank, you can fill it by pouring your liquid along the inside wall and bringing the level up to just below the top of the post in the center. Be sure to avoid pouring or overfilling liquid into the center post, as it will pour out through the mouthpiece. After you have replaced the coil or filled the tank with liquid, simply screw the base back on, and replace the clearomizer back on your battery.
  4. The coils that come with the kit are 1.8ohm, which are low resistance and produce a large amount of vapor. Coils can last anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on usage, e-liquid flavor, and nicotine level. Liquids with lighter flavor and lighter nicotine tend to last longer. Once the coils produce an undesirable taste it is time to replace them.
  5. It is important to tighten down the new coil securely to the base to prevent leaking.
  6. To charge your batteries, the USB cable with the magnets on the battery.  Then plug the USB end of the cable into a wall adapter, computer, or portable charger. The batteries can be used while charging and take approximately 2-3 hours to charge. When plugged in to charge, a red light around the button will light up and stay on.  When the red light turns off, charging is complete.  It is ok to leave your battery plugged in for a longer period of time while charging (overnight), but we recommend unplugging the battery as soon as possible after charging, as constantly leaving in plugged in will shorten the overall life span of the battery. Be sure to clean any debris (especially small metal particles) from the battery and Micro USB cable before connecting!


This kit does not include a USB to wall adapter to help lower the price of getting started. Any 1A output USB wall adapter will work with this kit.

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