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You guys must have some type of mob ties!! What you say about looking around other sites for a lower price on the T-Rex is totally right!! I did and nobody is close, then you have free shipping to boot(orders over($20). Unsurpassed customer service! Glen answered all my 561 questions(I really lost count after 50). Seriously I have ordered 3 different times from your company and had an awesome experience!

Thank you

Eric St.Onge - Glen Ellyn, IL

I could not be more pleased with Blackhat's service. I placed an order on Thursday morning. When I saw that they offer free shipping I figured I would not see my package until the following week. That's because most companies that offer free shipping tend to until the next day to ship the items and then use the slowest method of shipping unless you agree to pay extra (defeating the point of free shipping). When I received my package on Saturday I was thrilled because with a holiday weekend coming I would have had an extra long wait. So nice job on that!

Next, the prices were great. I was looking to try some Mini Nova clearomizers when I stumbled on the Mini Nova/Passthrough kit. I had been considering getting some passthrough batteries for use in my car further down the road, but at the price of this kit I decided to jump on it now. For $58 bucks they sold me 2 passthrough batteries and 2 Mini Nova Clearos. I priced these at other sights and the batteries alone normally run for this price. In addition they threw in a carrying case to go with it which wasn't even part of the deal. That was a nice touch! I also ordered several accessories for my standard 510 batteries. all of the items were priced lower than other sites or not available from other sellers.

Lastly, I like the quality of the merchandise. I have bought lots of stuff from lots of vendors specializing in Vaping related goods. Its a mixed bag out there in this industry. Lots of decent products and lots of junk too. I don't know why this industry is so full of aftermarket cheaply made garbage, but there's lots of unproven, ineffective, imitation JUNK out there in the vaping market. Every item I purchased from Blackhat was great. I will definitely check here first before buying from others in the future. The prices are very reasonable, but the peace of mind of knowing that you are getting good quality for the price is even more important. I've filled my garbage bin with enough leaky, drippy, burnt out clearomizers from vendors on eBay, Amazon, and everywhere else. When you see a Vivi Nova for 8 bucks it usually means knock off crap. But the ones I purchased here work like gangbusters.

Moises - United States

Blackhat is a breath of fresh air. Very few places any more really strive for customer satisfaction. Your service and shipping are fantastic. You have taken the time to answer questions, and help a stranger with vaping questions and supplies. Your prices are great and service is exceptional. You have a customer for life.

Keith - McKeesport, Pa.

Yes, I am Mr. Blackhat's mother and I've never smoked, but my mother, Mr. Blackhat's Grandmother has smoked all her life. Cigarettes are problematic for all the reasons you already know, but my biggest problem with cigarettes occur twice a year, that's because I drive Glen's Grandma down from St Louis in the fall to winter in Jacksonville and drive her back in the spring. Too much time in the car for her not to light up - arrgh! Now that Glen has shown her how to use these ecigs, our 17 hours in the car are enjoyed by both of us! Thank you sweetheart, Momma loves you. Oh, one more thing, not only does Grandma love her fancy ecigs - she proudly, but descreetly, shows off for her bridge club friends. She feels quite sophisticated and "hip". She really is our "Betty Boop".

Barbara Newman - St. Charles, MO

I am in the Bail Bond business. We work hard and play hard. Tobacco products have always been enjoyable, but at the same time a nuisance. Smell, ash, and inconsiderate to others. Smoking is a taboo in the courthouse and other legal surroundings. And chewing or dipping is a taboo in almost every setting. When playing our adventures are generally outdoors hunting or fishing and even though smoking is permitted in the environment, it is not conducive to the fire in a dry wooded area screams DANGER... or no animals to shoot. Chewing tobacco emits an odor that repels the animals. So I started experimenting with e-cigarettes. I tried many brands of pipes and spent a fortune trying to find the perfect pipe. They each had a unique problem. A friend of ours turned us on to Blackhat's and from the moment we entered the store I knew I'd found what I was looking for. My first visit, I happened to meet Glen, who graciously explained the workings of his pipes as opposed to the ones I've used in the past, eliminating one problem at a time as he spoke. I had finally found the perfect e-cigarette. Glen's liquid smoke was also superior to the brands I've used in the past. He even custom blends. I highly recommend Blackhat's on Edgewood Ave to anyone interested in enjoying tobacco without the social or environmental drawbacks. The e-cigarette business has come a long way baby.

Dell Edenfield - Jacksonville, FL
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