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You've come a long way baby!

I am in the Bail Bond business. We work hard and play hard. Tobacco products have always been enjoyable, but at the same time a nuisance. Smell, ash, and inconsiderate to others. Smoking is a taboo in the courthouse and other legal surroundings. And chewing or dipping is a taboo in almost every setting. When playing our adventures are generally outdoors hunting or fishing and even though smoking is permitted in the environment, it is not conducive to the fire in a dry wooded area screams DANGER... or no animals to shoot. Chewing tobacco emits an odor that repels the animals. So I started experimenting with e-cigarettes. I tried many brands of pipes and spent a fortune trying to find the perfect pipe. They each had a unique problem. A friend of ours turned us on to Blackhat's and from the moment we entered the store I knew I'd found what I was looking for. My first visit, I happened to meet Glen, who graciously explained the workings of his pipes as opposed to the ones I've used in the past, eliminating one problem at a time as he spoke. I had finally found the perfect e-cigarette. Glen's liquid smoke was also superior to the brands I've used in the past. He even custom blends. I highly recommend Blackhat's on Edgewood Ave to anyone interested in enjoying tobacco without the social or environmental drawbacks. The e-cigarette business has come a long way baby.
Dell Edenfield - Jacksonville, FL