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Mr. BLACKHAT'S 84 yr Grandmother loves them

Yes, I am Mr. Blackhat's mother and I've never smoked, but my mother, Mr. Blackhat's Grandmother has smoked all her life. Cigarettes are problematic for all the reasons you already know, but my biggest problem with cigarettes occur twice a year, that's because I drive Glen's Grandma down from St Louis in the fall to winter in Jacksonville and drive her back in the spring. Too much time in the car for her not to light up - arrgh! Now that Glen has shown her how to use these ecigs, our 17 hours in the car are enjoyed by both of us! Thank you sweetheart, Momma loves you. Oh, one more thing, not only does Grandma love her fancy ecigs - she proudly, but descreetly, shows off for her bridge club friends. She feels quite sophisticated and "hip". She really is our "Betty Boop".

Barbara Newman - St. Charles, MO