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  • The Anyvape Peakomizer is here and it's amazing!

    The Anyvape Peakomizer has landed at Blackhat!

    The name says it all. The Peakomizer truly is the peak of bottom coil technology. With the ability to use not only most BDC’s (bottom dual coils), but also a wide range of single coils including the Smok tech and Kanger tech coils. This clearomizer is truly revolutionary!

    Peakomizer adjustable airflow and uses multiple cores! The Anyvape Peakomizer

    In my personal use of the Peakomizer, I have found every feature it has to be both effective and user friendly. The turn based adjustable air flow function spans 4 different levels, and there is a 5th level used primarily for filling to prevent leaks. For those of you who are fans of the old top filling clearomizers, it is designed for top filing. I have used both kanger and smok tech bottom single coils, and the aspire and kanger tech dual coils. This ability is due to the fact that the center tubing is held in place with a spring that allows it to adjust to almost any coil height with no leaking.

    The pieces to a perfect Peakomizer! A broken down version of the Anyvape Peakmomizer.

    The pyrex glass in the Peakomizer is still the same size as the pyrex glass as used in the Anyvape Davide. So for those of you that have any Davide glass lying around never fear! Your glass is still good for use. Those who like to customize your vapes will be happy to hear that the Peakomizers drip tip is replaceable. We have a variety colored pyrex glass pieces for it also. The 510 connection will fit into most batteries/mods, and for my fellow Itaste VTR owners it fits rather nicely in the side 510 connection. I have longed for some time now for a proper pyrex adjustable air flow clearomizer, and I must say the Peakomizer has certainly exceeded my expectations.

    So many cores are Peakomizer compatible! These are all Peakomizer Friendly

    As someone who owns a Aspire Nautilus, I find the Peakomizer to be the superior all day vape. The air flow ranges from a little less than standard pull rate, to a full lung hitter if that’s what you look for in your clearomizer. It has much to offer any vaper, and you won’t be restricted to using just one type of coil. So go ahead and get yours today! I assure you it will leave you speechless.

    You can get more info from our breakdown video:

  • Davide BDC? Holy Pyrex Clearomizer, Vapeman!

    Davide BDC Pyrex Clearomizer

    The T3S and Evod BCC's came into my life and swiftly turned it upside down. Alas, they were plastic clearomizers. I embraced the bottom filling and coil replacement of the T3S and Evod, but it was the dastardly plastic tank that left me in distress. The T3S couldn't handle some of my favorite citrus based E-liquids. The other small downside was not being able to change the drip tip. While it might not be the most important factor for some vape enthusiasts, I really do enjoy the option to customize my set up from top to bottom.

    davide Davide BDC Pyrex Clearomizer


    There had to be a clearomizer that could ease my vape tank woes. Then right before I reached out to flip on the the Vapeman signal, the Davide BDC Pyrex Clearomizer emerged, ready to save the day! 

    Was the Davide BDC ready to withstand my lemony lemonades, villainous citruses, or the most sinful cinnamon e-liquids? BAM! ZAP! POW! With it's 4ml Pyrex tank it courageously withstood them all. Not a single crack, leak, or clouding of the tank. My fears of damaging another tank are now faded in plumes of tasty vapor. 

    Plumes and plumes, indeed. The air flow and vapor production on both the Davide BDC 4ml (510threaded) and Davide Mini 2ml (eGo threaded) are, in my opinion, a step above any clearomizer I've tried. They both fit seamlessly on my eGo magnetic battery and APV without interrupting the airflow. Looking in the base of the tank I can see what looks to be an aerator? My Davide BDC hasn't flooded, gurgled, or leaked. Looks like that aerator is doing its job controlling the amount of E-liquid reaching the Bottom Dual Coil in the 4ml tank. Yes, you read that correctly, BOTTOM DUAL COIL! Enhanced flavor and vapor production? YES, PLEASE!

    Final test of the Davide BDC; Can I use my oh so fancy Air-Flow Control drip tip (or any of my other fun 510 drip tips)? Color me excited, this tank does have the option to interchange 510 style drip tips! The replacement Pyrex comes in a few colors too. Changing the glass took only a few moments longer than it takes to change the core. My drip tips are finally getting some use instead of gathering layers of dust in the vape cave.

    Davide BDC Pyrex Clearomizer Davide BDC Parts


    One last thing to share before I vape off into the sunset with my tank hero. The BDC's have the same replacement process as the T3S and EVOD BCC. Twist out the old core and twist in a new one. Did I mention the Davide BDC has the option to use the standard single coils from the T3S and EVOD BCC? Removing the adapter and bottom dual coil leaves the option to use the single coil cores used in the previous version of the Davide Clearomizer. This is a relief since I'm well stocked up on cores for my GCB, T3S, and Evod tanks, they won't be going unused.

    I certainly got a lot more bang for my buck with this pyrex tank. Needless to say, the Davide BDC has quickly become a staple in my daily vape set up.

    Until next time my fellow vapers, Keep Calm and Vape On.

  • Vape Stores in Jacksonville, FL

    We have seen a fair influx of Jacksonville Vape Shops pop up over the last year. There had been some options prior, such as the mall kiosks and tobacco shops, but they were and are selling low quality and over priced ecigs and accessories, and not offering any help or guidance to their customers.

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