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Why I love the Sigelei Zmax V3

The Sigelei Zmax V3

Sigelei-Zmax-V3 Kit Sigelei-Zmax-V3 Kit

With less than a year of vaping under my belt, I'm still not entirely used to the looks I get while puffing on my e-cig when I'm out and about. And to be honest, when I had the standard eGo batteries

Blackhat eGo passthrouh batteries

it wasn't as much of a "thing", but now that I have my Mod, I get much more peculiar looks. The list of things people have asked me it was is ridiculous.

With that easily pushed aside, I got over it quickly. The benefits to having the Sigelei, far outweigh the looks and questions. It definitely helps that I'm an avid vaper, and into technology and control. I can tell you this, it is definitely not hard to mess up the settings and burn your liquid or core, so I can see how the feeble of change or faint of heart may shy away, but when you get this thing dialed in, it works like a dream.

The MOST important thing I can say about it, is that you have to set it for RMS, not MEAN. RMS will allow the power to pulse, so it will maintain the level of power to the core and won't burn your liquid, if you take long puffs like I do. The other thing I suggest to everyone who might get one, or any variable power mod with the option is run in Wattage mode.

Voltage settings work by applying the voltage you select directly to the core, thereby atomizing the liquid. With voltage, because resistance affects current, the resistance of the core makes all the difference. At 4 volts, with a low resistance core, you will heat the coil up much faster than if you then change to a high resistance core.  You will notice you get much less vapor with the high resistance core because it is lowering the current and thus lowering the power output.

Now lets look at Wattage. When you set wattage to a set amount, the Mod will automatically adjust the voltage based on the resistance of the core to give you the level of power output you want. In simple terms, when you run in Wattage mode, at say 7 Watts (like I typically do), you can change the core to any resistance, and the power output will remain the same. You will get the same amount of vapor without having to adjust the wattage level.

"Why is this a big deal?" you might ask. Well, when you get a liquid, because every liquid's consistency varies, you will notice variations in the vapor output. I personally like to get a good amount of vapor, which is the main reason to get a variable battery. In most cases, the liquids I use will be very similar in consistency and I wont need to adjust my power setting, however, sometimes I will get crazy and change it up a bit. When the consistency of the liquid changes, I will have to adjust the power to get the level of vapor I want, but once I find that level, I am good to go. And I can change out cores to any resistance I want. The great thing about that is, due to ohms law, if the resistance is lowered, it will use less power from the battery to create the vapor and the battery life will be extended. All while still getting the extra vapor I love!

The other awesome benefits of the Sigelei, are it's interchangeable batteries, which allow me to just swap out a dead battery for a charged one and keep right on vaping, and it's compatibility with just about any atomizer or clearomizer I would want to use. It has standard 510 and eGo threading, and looks good whether I'm using a standard sized tank like the Evod

img_1135 Kanger Evod or ARO Evod

, T3S

Kanger T3S Kanger T3S

, or a large tank like the Davide.

Davide Anyvape Davide

After everything I've said here. If you are interested in a variable power mod, I definitely suggest the Sigelei Zmax V3. It comes Zachariah approved!

For more detailed information on Ohm's law and wattage, see these links here:

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