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E-cig Construction Part 2

General information on e-cig construction. What is a personal vaporizer? From batteries to clearomizers, this will help you understand how they work and what the options are.

Rebuildable Atomizers and Clearomizers.

e-cig clearomizer Kanger T3S

A rebuildable atomizer is classified as either a clearomizer with a replaceable core, such as the mini Vivi, Kanger and ARO Evods, the Kanger T3S, or the Anyvape Davide and Davide Mini. For the more adventurous soul, there are options that allow the individual to construct or "build" the wick and coil themselves. These rebuildable atomizers require a bit of technical skill to properly setup the coils and wicks to a specified resistance. (Not for the faint of heart)

Many portable apparatuses consist of a rechargeable battery, which has the tendency to be the biggest component of an e cigarette. The smaller batteries such as the 510 manual or auto consist of either an electronic air flow sensor where activation is triggered just by drawing breath or a power button that must be held during operation. An LED to suggest activation may also be utilized. Some producers likewise provide a cigarette pack-shaped portable charging case (PCC), which includes a bigger battery efficient in charging e-cigarettes. Other options including larger batteries for longer periods between charging or more the controllable options like the eGo Twist "spinner" or larger Mods such as the Sigelei Zmax V3 and the iTaste MVP V2 offer variable power output in voltage and wattage, and support of a large range of atomizers and clearomizer configurations.

Variable Mods

e-cig mod Sigelei-Zmax-V3 Kit

A Variable voltage mod is a type of e-cig that includes an electronic interface that allows the user to adjust the power or "heat" of the atomizer. They usually include a LED screen to show various info.

Some of these devices offer extra features through their menu system such as: atomizer resistance checker, puff counter, remaining battery voltage, power on/off, etc.

Mechanical Mods

A "Mechanical mod", is an e-cig without any electronic parts, including electrical wires and battery protection circuits. They are powered by the voltage output of the battery. Because of this, you always want to use a protected battery when using a mechanical mod.

A mechanical mod e-cig is commonly used with low resistance or sub-ohm rebuildable atomizers.  (0.5 to 1 ohms) to produce massive amounts of vapor. Because many e-cig units containing electronic battery protection will see sub ohm resistance coils as a short circuit and stop the device from working, mechanical mods are among the few e-cig units that will work with sub ohm resistance atomizers.

Always remember, mechanical mod e-cigs are a direct circuit and unprotected so they need attention on the user's part that digital variable mods do not require. You've got to make sure the battery does not over-discharge and that the atomizer will not require more amperage than exactly what the battery can safely sustain.

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