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The E-cig community family, just like Christmas.

Every culture is like a Lego house - built from many smaller bricks and pieces.  In this case, the bricks are subcultures.  There's everything from Star Wars uberfans to antique banjo enthusiasts, and they love nothing more than getting together and geeking out about, I dunno, getting the exact same style shoes Harrison Ford wore in "Temple of Doom" or whatever.  In my experience, the e-cig community is definitely no exception!

In the last couple years, the population of e-cig users has exploded, and I find myself seeing them everywhere!  I don't know about you guys, but I'm one of those drivers who looks over at the car next to me at a red light.  You know, just to see what Mr./Ms. Jeep Liberty is up to.  More and more, the person next to me is doing the same thing I am, puffing on an e-cigarette, clouds of delicious vapor encircling his/her head.  Thoughts of "I wonder what flavor they have?" and "Dang, they're using one of those old clearomizers, they need to come to Blackhat and get some fresh gear!"  I walk past people downtown and catch a glimpse of a face dimly lit by the soft glow of a LED and see the telltale wisps of vapor clinging to fingers.

And it's awesome.

The boys of Blackhat with some vapor love! The boys of Blackhat showing some e-cg community love!

We all kind of feel like we're on the same team.  We're all members of the same e-cig community. Total strangers are now comrades in arms.  It's not like I'm going to invite them to Thanksgiving dinner or anything, but there's a silent acknowledgment of someone else who's made "the switch".  A full 1/3 of the time it becomes a session of "Hey, wanna see my bike" as we strike up a conversation comparing battery sizes and functions, e-liquid flavors, tanks....

And it's awesome.

At the Blackhat shop (you should stop in sometime), we've got our regulars as well as first time visitors who absolutely LOVE to show us their setups!  There was the dude with his sub ohm brass mechanical mod that totally fogged out the front desk (it was crazy awesome!).  And then there was an out of town guy on Christmas Eve who was just visiting Jacksonville.  He worked at a vapor shop in Austin, TX and passed around his Tesla mod with custom ported cartomizer, much to everyone's enjoyment.

Nick Green from The Guardian sums things up nicely:

"We were all really excited, and it felt like something we were all going through together – discovering new batteries and devices, discussing juices, welcoming new people into the fold. There was (and still is) an overwhelming sense of camaraderie."

You can read the whole article here.

And there you have it!  We'd love to hear some of your favorite recipes and/or flavors you've discovered along your journey.  If you're in the neighborhood, stop in and try some of our unique mixes which will interest any palette - from tobacco to tropical!

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