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  • The state of the Vape Union - sub ohm

    The state of the vape union - sub ohm

    Blackhat would like to address the state of the Vape Union, and the union is strong. More than 9 million adults vape in the U.S. alone! So where does that leave us today with the development of vaping technology, newcomers to the technology, and the people already using electronic cigarettes?

    Two words: sub ohm.

    Quad coil sub ohm build A vaper used to have to build their own coils to achieve sub ohm resistance.
    If you're not familiar with this term, let's break it down. Ohm is a measure of electrical resistance, or how much a material prevents electricity from moving through it. Before November 2014, all standard tanks or clearomizers enjoyed by the vast majority of vapers used coil heads rating above 1.0 ohm. Only the very advanced vapers dared venture into the territory of building their own coils on rebuildable dripping atomizers or tanks (RDAs/RTAs), achieving resistances lower than 1.0 ohm (sub ohm), producing huge clouds of vapor and enhanced flavor production.

    That all changed in the early weeks of 2015. Aspire broke the mold and produced the first sub ohm tank, the Atlantis, which featured never before seen pre built 0.5 ohm coil heads. Now anyone could achieve the clouds and flavor of the builders, but didn't have to wade through the steps and knowledge needed to build their own coils. This single tank was, in a word, revolutionary.

    Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm tank. The Atlantis from Aspire was the first successful non-rebuildable sub ohm tank.
    A standing previously reserved for the modders and hobbyists, the elite vapers now saw their cloud status being encroached upon. It was only a matter of time before manufacturer after manufacturer followed suit, cranking out even better performing sub ohm tanks of their own. Ever increasing air flow, hardier coil heads with inventive configurations and wicking design, and increased liquid capacity have relegated builders to almost a marginalized status in the overall vaping community.

    A standard set of steps used to apply to a beginning vaper:

    1. Buy an eGo or 510 style starter kit and use it for a period of time.
    2. Buy a variable voltage/wattage mod, and possibly use the same ego tank as before.
    3. Stay at that level, or experiment with mechanical mods and rebuildables.
    4. Either upgrade results in more vapor and flavor.

    The new trend completely inverts the previous model. More and more people that come into the shop to buy their first vaping setup experience a different set of steps:

    1. Try or see a friend's sub ohm set up.
    2. Buy a sub ohm tank/mod
    3. Enjoy bigger clouds and enhanced flavor.

    The game has truly changed. Features like stabilized wood, temperature control, and customizable displays have tweaked things, but the sub ohm tank changed it all. What will be the next vape revolution - ceramic coils, a new glass compound? Your guess is as good as ours, but we can't wait to find out.

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