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  • Blackhat's First ever Swag Bag Giveaway!

    Blackhat Electronic Cigarettes and Blackhat Vapor Shop are having our first ever Swag Bag Giveaway! This round we are going BIG! So make sure to go to both of our Facebook pages and like us, then follow the directions on the swag bag giveaway post to enter for a chance to win an awesome setup worth over $130!!


    Blackhat Vapor shop's first Swag Bag Giveaway Blackhat Vapor shop's first Swag Bag Giveaway

    This swag bag includes:

    • Stainless steel Hcigar Nemesis
    • Kayfun Lite Plus RBA with a frosted shell included
    • Sony 2100 mAh 3.7v battery
    • 30 mL bottle of liquid (your choice of flavor)
    • And a battery charger, of course!
      This bag is worth over $130!



  • What Makes Mobster E-liquid Flavoring Special?

    If you've been using an electronic cigarette for any amount of time, you've realized that there's a dizzying variety of e-liquid flavorings out there. I've seen everything from blueberry to bacon. (I may get the nerve to try the bacon flavor one day, but that day is not today) The search for the best e-liquid flavoring can be an exciting yet overwhelming process. I'm sure you've asked yourself, "What makes one e-liquid flavoring better than another?" At Blackhat Electronic Cigarettes, we've done extensive research for the highest quality ingredients available and saved you the trouble.

    Come try some of our unique blends of Mobster e-liquid flavorings
    Mobster e-liquid. Great quality, great price.

    Our e-liquid flavoring is proudly made in the USA at in a pharmaceutical grade, FDA approved lab. (No basement brews here!) The base ingredients are also USP grade. Some other e-liquid flavorings are also used in the food industry. The result is that those e-liquid flavorings may not vaporize well, break down in higher temperatures, and oxidize easily in the presence of nicotine. At Blackhat, our e-liquid flavorings are created specifically for use in e-liquid. Extensive research is conducted on each individual flavor to ensure that none of the ingredients are unfit for inhalation. So as new information becomes available, the selection of e-liquid flavoring may shift accordingly.

    The lab stands behind its product 100%, and accepts all legal responsibility in the event of any legal action going down.

    Did I mention our e-liquid flavoring is Kosher? L'chaim!

    Blackhat E- Cigarettes has scoured the spectrum of e-liquid flavorings. Our Mobster line of e-liquid flavoring is by far the most expensive we've found. Price doesn't always equal quality, but in this case, we're betting our black hats (I couldn't resist) that it does! Our e-liquid flavoring vendor ensures the safety of our customers which is our top priority. So take comfort, fellow vapers, and puff with confidence knowing that Blackhat Electronic Cigarettes has your back!

  • So What is E-liquid, Exactly?

    Well, the short and sweet answer is that e-liquid is the fluid used in the reservoir of an e-cig that is heated up to produce vapor which is then inhaled by the user.

    Mob X e-liquid Mob X e-liquid offered exclusively by Blackhat E-cigs

    It's the stuff that we puff.

    The reality is that e-liquids come in a dazzling array of flavors, strengths, consistencies, and brands. Let's look at what similarities they have and what sets them all apart.

    The majority of e-liquid manufacturers combine five ingredients in their e-liquids:

    1. Propylene Glycol
    2. Vegetable Glycerin
    3. Nicotine Concentrate
    4. Food Grade Flavoring
    5. Distilled Water (for diluting if necessary)

    Let's look at each one of these individually:

    1. Propylene Glycol (PG) is something that most of you are already familiar with in a more theatrical setting - fog machines. It's the same stuff that pumps into the air at the House of Blues or during a Pink Floyd show. PG is also used in food colorings and as a flavor carrier in other food products.

    2. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is a thicker liquid component that PG derived from plants. It's commonly used in household items such as toothpaste and shampoo. Most e-liquids are made with a varying ratio of PG and VG resulting in different flavor and vapor producing mixtures. Higher VG ratios in the liquid will produce thicker clouds of vapor, but will require a hotter burn to pull that off. Using a variable voltage battery unit is recommended if you're going to go that route.

    3. Nicotine Concentrate We're all pretty familiar with nicotine. The interesting thing about nicotine used by most e-liquid manufacturers is well over 95% pure. The levels of nicotine are precisely measured and Blackhat Electronic Cigarettes offers range from 0% to 3.6% per mL.

    4. Food Grade Flavoring is almost self-explanatory. These flavors are commonly used in baked goods, candies, and beverages.

    So that about sums it up. Like with anything else, individual tastes will vary widely! Some liquids play well in the average starter kit, while the homemade sub-ohm coil on a mechanical mod may require a bit more of a custom ordered liquid. There's thousands of combinations available, and we encourage you to try as many as you can. Who knows what you'll find! Apparently there's a bacon flavored liquid out there for those of you who are feeling particularly bold...

  • Davide BDC? Holy Pyrex Clearomizer, Vapeman!

    Davide BDC Pyrex Clearomizer

    The T3S and Evod BCC's came into my life and swiftly turned it upside down. Alas, they were plastic clearomizers. I embraced the bottom filling and coil replacement of the T3S and Evod, but it was the dastardly plastic tank that left me in distress. The T3S couldn't handle some of my favorite citrus based E-liquids. The other small downside was not being able to change the drip tip. While it might not be the most important factor for some vape enthusiasts, I really do enjoy the option to customize my set up from top to bottom.

    davide Davide BDC Pyrex Clearomizer


    There had to be a clearomizer that could ease my vape tank woes. Then right before I reached out to flip on the the Vapeman signal, the Davide BDC Pyrex Clearomizer emerged, ready to save the day! 

    Was the Davide BDC ready to withstand my lemony lemonades, villainous citruses, or the most sinful cinnamon e-liquids? BAM! ZAP! POW! With it's 4ml Pyrex tank it courageously withstood them all. Not a single crack, leak, or clouding of the tank. My fears of damaging another tank are now faded in plumes of tasty vapor. 

    Plumes and plumes, indeed. The air flow and vapor production on both the Davide BDC 4ml (510threaded) and Davide Mini 2ml (eGo threaded) are, in my opinion, a step above any clearomizer I've tried. They both fit seamlessly on my eGo magnetic battery and APV without interrupting the airflow. Looking in the base of the tank I can see what looks to be an aerator? My Davide BDC hasn't flooded, gurgled, or leaked. Looks like that aerator is doing its job controlling the amount of E-liquid reaching the Bottom Dual Coil in the 4ml tank. Yes, you read that correctly, BOTTOM DUAL COIL! Enhanced flavor and vapor production? YES, PLEASE!

    Final test of the Davide BDC; Can I use my oh so fancy Air-Flow Control drip tip (or any of my other fun 510 drip tips)? Color me excited, this tank does have the option to interchange 510 style drip tips! The replacement Pyrex comes in a few colors too. Changing the glass took only a few moments longer than it takes to change the core. My drip tips are finally getting some use instead of gathering layers of dust in the vape cave.

    Davide BDC Pyrex Clearomizer Davide BDC Parts


    One last thing to share before I vape off into the sunset with my tank hero. The BDC's have the same replacement process as the T3S and EVOD BCC. Twist out the old core and twist in a new one. Did I mention the Davide BDC has the option to use the standard single coils from the T3S and EVOD BCC? Removing the adapter and bottom dual coil leaves the option to use the single coil cores used in the previous version of the Davide Clearomizer. This is a relief since I'm well stocked up on cores for my GCB, T3S, and Evod tanks, they won't be going unused.

    I certainly got a lot more bang for my buck with this pyrex tank. Needless to say, the Davide BDC has quickly become a staple in my daily vape set up.

    Until next time my fellow vapers, Keep Calm and Vape On.

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