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E-cigarette kits, developed right

To create a remarkable vaping experience, our group of market professionals produced a number of e cigarette kits designed to keep up with the needs of the typical cigarette smoker. We left nothing out of our e-cigarette-kit equations, thinking about every aspect, from ergonomic design to color schemes. Just like all of our products, our e cigarette kits meet the different requirements and inclinations of our varied consumer base.


Blackhat's e cigarette kits are customized to satisfy your requirements

For those who want to try vaping, our 510 Cartomizer Kit offers all the essentials to get you started on e cigarettes. For beginning vapors, the 510 Starter Kit includes all the e-cigarette fundamentals, plus extras such as a carrying case and atomizers. For the vaping-enthusiast, the Blackhat - Aro (Evod) Starter Kit offers more of the e-cigarette essentials, in addition to tons of other extras.


Introducing the infamous 510 e cigarettes

All of our kits include 510 e cigarettes, which are widely acknowledged as the best e cigarette in today's market. An international best seller, 510 e cigarettes are lightweight and compact, great for those who don't wish to attract unnecessary attention in public. The 510 was made for a superior vaping experience. This sophisticated e cigarette rose to fame, primarily since it gets rid of some of vaping's common risks, such as liquid leaking into your mouth, not having enough capacity for e-liquid, difficult cartridge refill, insufficient amounts of vapor and short battery life.


E cigarettes, changing the method we smoke

Say goodbye to that tobacco smell clinging to your hands or stinking up your clothes, hair, and furniture. From now on, cigarette smoking will no longer be synonymous with ashes, filthy cigarette butts and lingering tobacco smell. Even better, your cigarette smoking cravings are no longer restricted in private.


The answer is the e cigarette

The number of people making use of e cigs has actually quadrupled in the past few years. There's a factor for this. The e cigarette is a new technology, which many are utilizing as a replacement to their routine cigarette-smoking practices. Like patches & nicotine gum, e cigarettes provide smokers with nicotine in the form of vapor. The e cigarette lights up like a real cigarette and smokes like the real thing too. Fortunately, the e cigarette doesn't leave you smelling of cigarette smoke.


You could smoke anytime, anywhere

E cigarettes allow smokers to satisfy their nicotine cravings in places where regular cigarette smoking is restricted, such as inside a restaurant, at the mall, or in the office. Their cartridges consist of different amounts of nicotine, (the smoker can choose how much) so that cigarette smokers could manage their nicotine consumption at their own pace. Tired of not being allowed to smoke inside a restaurant? Or at your office desk? What about inside a professional sporting occasion, like a basketball or hockey game? And are you tired of getting dirty looks every time you light up? Make the switch to the e cigarette and leave all of these aggravations behind.


Our commitment to you

Blackhat is committed to providing its clients with an exceptional cigarette smoking experience, without the social stigma associated with smoking cigarettes. E cigarettes are changing the way people smoke, and Blackhat is leading the change.


About Blackhat's e cigarettes

Our e cigarette range provides a clean and simple alternative to smoking. We work on providing only the best e-cigarette products for the best offered prices. All of our products are backed by a 30-day limited warranty to ensure complete consumer satisfaction.